New Toro Mowers

Green Industries is the go-to provider of outdoor power equipment for lawn care professionals and homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. We provide our customers with access to the top brands on the market, including products manufactured by Toro.

Toro is one of the most recognized names in the industry. Known for both commercial and residential equipment, Toro offers landscaping options for every type of buyer. No matter the size or scope of your project, we have a Toro product in our inventory that can help you get the job done for the right price.

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New Toro Products

As one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, Toro is a brand you can count on for reliable and the finest performance.

At Green Industries, we offer a wide range of Toro mowers including :

Residential Walk Power Mowers

Green Industries offers two full-range walk power mowers manufactured by Toro specifically for residential use.


Available in 21” cut decks. The recycler has rear-wheel drive options and is perfect for smaller yards or as a trim mower.


Available in 30” width. The TimeMaster boasts a twin-blade cutting system that tackles every yard with precision and speed. We carry both gas and electric options for this stellar model.

Zero Turn Mowers

Toro’s ZTRs have a reputation for success. Affordable, but built with innovative technology, unparalleled by any other ZTRs on the market, these Toro ZTRs are some of the most efficient mowers in our inventory.

TimeCutter ZTR

Available in 42” and 50” cutting decks.

TimeCutter Havoc Edition

Available in 60” cutting deck. A long-term solution for touagh yards thanks to its durable build.

Titan ZTR MyRide

Available in 54” or 60” cutting decks. A perfect choice for beginner lawn care professionals and homeowners with large yards alike, the Titan model is designed to handle large cuts.

Professional Zero Turn Mowers

Professional lawn care experts have specific landscaping needs. From increased use to a high quantity of acreage and jobs, your equipment must be strong enough to withstand whatever yard you throw at it. Our stock of Toro’s professional ZTRs is up to the challenge.

Z Master 2000 Series

48”, 52”, or 60” cutting decks. These Z Masters are made with 7 gauge steel for fast, clean cuts every time.

Z Master 4000 Series

48”, 52”, 60”, or 72” decks. The focus of this model is the heavy-duty front-end design and pro-grade engines that make it the workhorse of this line.

Z Master 5000 Series

52”, 60”, or 72” Turbo Force decks. This model combines comfort and performance with fuel efficiency and EFI engines for an efficient and trustworthy machine.

Z Master 6000 Series

60” or 72” Turbo Force decks. Harsh environments and daily use are no match for the powerful drivetrains of this excellent model. 

Z Master 7500 Series

Combines diesel-powered engines with Toro’s incredible design.

Z Master 8000 Series

Direct Collect Z combines the finest cutting decks with the ultimate in bagging solutions.

GrandStand Mowers

Our selection of GrandStand mowers by Toro is the best of both worlds. They’re equipped with the speed and comfort of a ZTR, as well as the agility and small footprint of a walk-behind mower. We carry deck sizes from 36” up to 60”.

GrandStand Gas Stand-On Mowers

One of the newest models, this equipment is enhanced with upgrades that improve function and decrease the need for maintenance.

GrandStand HDX

With increased horsepower, the HDX models are all about better efficiency for every type of job.

GrandStand Revolution

One of the most innovative models, the revolution brings a brand new hyper cell electric GrandStand to lawn care professionals and ambitious homeowners alike.

Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers

Toro Walk Behind mowers are known for their durability and long lifespan. We carry a range of models with both 21” and 30” cutting decks, as well as conventional mid-size walk-behind options.

21” HD Mowers

If you’re tired of replacing trim mowers season after season, this model offers professional engines, reinforced frames, and a commercial transmission to ensure it lasts longer.

30” TurfMaster HDX

Rugged wheels and a more powerful engine make this model an easy-to-use option that won’t wear down your personnel too early in the job.

Mid-Size Pro-Line Mowers

This model is designed with easy maneuverability in mind that has maximized its efficiency on all job types.

Pro-Line HDX

Equipped with a convenient 2-wheel sulky, this model is powered by stronger powertrains for enhanced performance.

Turf Renovation Equipment

Your turf deserves the best care available. At Green Industries, we carry Toro’s full range of turf renovation equipment, including:

Used Toro Equipment

When you need top-performing equipment for an extremely affordable price, look to Green Industries’ selection of used Toro products. All of our used commercial and residential mowers are the highest-quality perfect for high-acreage yards or a booming lawn care business.

Our current used Toro inventory includes:

  • Stand On Mowers: Available in cutting deck 36”, 48”, 54”, and 60”, we offer a wide range of Turbo Force GrandStand mowers.
  • Commercial Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers: Our Toro walk behind models are available in belt-drive and hydraulic so you always get the most durable equipment tailored to your job needs.
  • Zero Turn Riding Mowers: Peak comfort and performance, our used Z Master riding mowers have one of the highest quality cut decks on the market.

Our used stock is always changing. Contact Green Industries for more details on our used Toro equipment.

Equipment Maintenance & Repair Offerings

If you want equipment that lasts, you need to prioritize proper maintenance and tune-ups from our professionals at Green Industries. We make maintaining your commercial and residential lawn care equipment easier than ever with our expert tune-ups services.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Equipment inspection from wheel to frame
  • Hydraulics system leak checks
  • Deck leveling
  • Blade sharpening and balancing
  • Engine cleanings
  • Electrical system checks

Our tune-ups go beyond the surface level to ensure your equipment is ready for summer’s heavy cuts, year after year. Contact Green Industries today for more information on how we can enhance the quality of your outdoor power equipment.

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You need equipment that works for your home or business for years to come. At Green Industries, we carry Toro products, as well as equipment from other leading manufacturers, that will fulfill all of your lawn care needs. From mowers to tractors to aerators, we are proud to offer outstanding service and sales to business owners and homeowners in the Greater Annapolis area.