Scag Mower Service

When it comes to the performance of your professional landscaping equipment produced by Scag, reliable service is essential to ensure your commercial lawn care jobs are completed smoothly. While Scag equipment is known for its durability, the hefty demands of commercial lawn care ultimately result in issues that require repairs.

At Green Industries, we proudly provide efficient solutions to lawn care professionals across Annapolis, MD, utilizing Scag equipment.

Our repair services are based on our deep knowledge of the industry and understanding that even the most minor disruption to your equipment’s performance can be detrimental to your landscaping operations. 

Whether you rely on Scag’s comfortable commercial lawnmowers or their specialty spreaders and sprayers, we have the skills and the motivation to get your essential equipment back up and running without delay.

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Our Expertise at Work for You

As a successful lawn care professional, you have a busy schedule. As a result, your fleet of commercial landscaping equipment from Scag is put through the wringer with a heavy workload, large-scale jobs, and increased exposure to natural threats, like hidden objects and uneven terrain.

From minor issues caused by normal wear and tear to major breakdowns, our service experts at Green Industries can bring your equipment back up to speed with industry-leading service strategies.

Our full list of services for Scag equipment includes:

Hydraulic Oil Changes

Scag’s commercial mowers are equipped with the latest hydraulic systems for smooth operation. But over time, the hydraulic fluid in this system gets diluted and contaminated. A quick oil change from our service team will refresh the hydraulic system and provide improved performance.

Commercial Mower Repair

Like any type of machinery, Scag’s commercial lawnmowers will eventually need repairs. Damaged blades, broken spindles, and engine-wide issues are all common problems we can efficiently address.

Tire Changes

Unfortunately, the tires on your Scag equipment can lose traction as time goes by or become damaged by hidden objects or curb hopping. Our service specialists provide fast tire services such as resealing, tube installation, and replacements.

Battery Replacement

Weak batteries on your equipment can cause delays in starting your day and wear throughout your electrical system. Green Industries provides testing and replacement of batteries on Scag mowers to get you back to full charge and running strong.

Scag’s next gen battery powered equipment is a sustainable alternative to gas-powered machines. But instead of filling up your tank, you will eventually need to swap out old batteries. We can perform affordable battery replacements.

Hydraulic Lines (Made on Site)

Sometimes a hydraulic oil change isn’t enough to preserve the hydraulic system in your Scag equipment. When you need efficient hydraulic line replacement, choose Green Industries.

Commercial Equipment Maintenance

If you want to avoid frequent repairs and costly replacements down the line, take advantage of our commercial equipment maintenance service. We can help extend the life of your Scag equipment.

Additional Services

Scag’s line of outdoor power equipment boasts some of the highest-performance models on the market. But even the best equipment can experience issues. When you need landscaping equipment service, trust the experts at Green Industries.

Scag Models – Equipment We Work On

A staple of ingenuity, Scag manufactures a variety of landscaping equipment for all levels of lawn care professionals. And each piece of equipment requires distinct solutions when issues arise.

At Green Industries, we’re well-versed in the unique strategies necessary to address common problems experienced by commercial equipment from Scag. Our quality service capabilities extend to Scag’s entire scope of equipment, including:

Zero Turn Riding Mowers

We offer our comprehensive services for every Scag ZTR, such as the

  • Turf Tiger II
  • Cheetah II
  • Tiger Cat II
  • Patriot
  • Freedom Z
  • Liberty Z

Stand On Mowers

Always have access to a comfortable ride with our exemplary repairs on Scags’ V Ride II stand on mower.

Walk Behind Mowers

Ensure all of your jobs are backed by superior power with our solutions to problems experienced by Scag’s

  • SWZ Hydro-Drive
  • SW Belt Drive
  • SFC
  • SWZT Hydro-Drive


Our expert service extends to Scag’s industry-leading spreader, Turf Storm.

Preserve the performance and increase the longevity of your Scag equipment – Call Green Industries today.

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