New Equipment

When it comes to keeping your grounds well-maintained, the right equipment can make all the difference. Green Industries is proud to provide our customers with access to the toughest and most durable equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, including Scag, Toro, Wright, Echo, and Redmax.

From mowers and trimmers to blowers and edgers, we provide the Annapolis, Maryland area with a wide variety of tools to help you keep your grounds looking healthy and beautiful all year long. Whether you mow a single property around your home or business or care for lawns all across Maryland, Green Industries has an ideal match for you.

Available Brands

Geen Industries Equipment offers a wide range of lead brandings of commercial lanwmowers, handheld equipment and other outdoor power equipment.


Your professional lawnmowers, handheld equipment and other outdoor power equipment should provide high-quality performance and durability. 

Green Industries Equipment partners with leading brands to offer a wide selection of new equipment. 

Whether you shop our online inventory or visit our showroom, the team at Green Industries delivers the best way to get your work done. 


One of the most recognizable names in lawn care for well over a century, Toro provides a wide selection of commercial and residential lawn equipment. Whatever type of turf you need to maintain, count on Toro for cutting edge solutions and value. 

Residential Walk Power Mowers

Green Industries offers a full range of Recycler and TimeMaster lawn mowers. With single blade cutting decks to the wide 30” twin blade cutting system of the TimeMaster, Toro has a mower for every homeowner. Backed with strong warranties and high quality service from Green Industries, Toro residential walk power mowers are a great long term solution for any homeowner.

  • Recycler – 21” rear wheel drive options are an affordable option for your property or as a trim mower.
  • TimeMaster – 30” width makes quick work of any property and leaves your lawn looking phenomenal. Green Industries offers gas options and the all electric 60V E TimeMaster.

Zero Turn Mowers

Toro TimeCutter ZTRs are legendary for a reason. These models pack a tremendous amount of technology and durability into an affordable package. When you need a reliable solution to maintain your acreage, choose Toro ZTRs.

  • TimeCutter ZTR – Available in 42” and 50” cutting decks.
  • TimeCutter Havoc Edition – For the ultimate in durability and performance, the TimeCutter 60” cutting deck provides a long term solution for the toughest yards.
  • Titan ZTR MyRide – Designed with many elements of professional Z Master models, the Titan models available in 54” and 60” cutting decks are a great choice for entry level commercial lawn care professionals or homeowners with acreage.

Professional Zero Turn Mowers

Toro’s Z Master line of professional ZTRs offers an option for every type of property. From homeowners with acreage to a full fleet of professional mowers, Toro engineers and designs incredible solutions.

  • 2000 Series – Constructed for professional use with a 7 gauge steel 48”, 52” or 60” cutting deck, these Z Masters are great entry level mowers for fast, clean work.
  • 4000 Series – Every Z Master 4000 is loaded with a heavy-duty front-end design, TURBO FORCE deck with bullnose bumper, and pro-grade engines. With a wide selection of decks, tires and drivetrains the 48”, 52”, 60” or 72” 4000 Series Z Masters are the workhorse of Toro’s professional ZTRs.
  • 5000 Series – 52”, 60” or 72” Turbo Force decks and trustworthy drivetrains are incredibly efficient. With EFI engines, Toro balances comfort, performance and fuel efficiency.
  • 6000 Series – 60” or 72” Turbo Force decks and powerful drivetrains help your business handle the rigors of daily operations and harsh environments.  
  • 7500 Series – Combines diesel powered engines with Toro’s incredible design.
  • 8000 Series – Direct Collect Z combines the finest cutting decks with the ultimate in bagging solutions.

GrandStand Mowers

Toro’s GrandStand mowers combine the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the maneuverability and small footprint of a mid-size walk-behind mower. Available is a wide range of engine combinations and cutting deck sizes including 36”, 42”, 48”, 52” or 60”, there is a GrandStand mower for every type of job. 

  • GrandStand Gas Stand-On Mowers – The latest generation includes upgrades to enhance productivity and reduce maintenance of your equipment. 
  • GrandStand HDX – The HDX models provide increased efficiency with higher horsepower.
  • GrandStand Revolution – Introduces Hypercell Electric GrandStand to herald a new era in lawn care.

Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers

Toro offers a wide range of walk behind mowers including 21”, 30” and conventional mid-size walk behinds. Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers are exceptionally durable on the turf and in the trailer. While residential equipment falls apart under heavy use, Toro designs their commercial walk-behinds to last for many seasons.

  • 21” HD Mowers – Professional engines, reinforced frames and commercial transmissions ensure you won’t need to replace trim mowers constantly. 
  • 30” TurfMaster HDX – Twin blade cutting decks, powerful commercial engines and rugged wheels make a strong impression on your clients and reduce fatigue on personnel compared to smaller cutting decks or belt driven mid-size walk behinds.
  • Mid-Size Pro-Line Mowers – Maximum efficiency with incredible maneuverability, floating deck mowers are a cut above competitors with 36”, 48”, 54” and 60” cutting decks.
  • Pro-Line HDX – 36”, 48”, 54” and 60” cutting decks powered by stronger powertrains increase performance. You will love the convenience of the 2-wheel sulky.

Turf Renovation Equipment

Caring for your properties is easier with Toro’s full range of turf renovation equipment. This includes aerators, spreader sprayers, brush cutters, seeders and power rakes. Contact Green Industries about the best equipment within our inventory for your turf care.


Recognized across the country for producing high-quality commercial power equipment, Scag offers best-in-class mowers, spreaders and sprayers designed to help you get the job done easier than ever before. With a wide range of commercial lawn equipment and heavy duty residential mowers, Scag designs with the toughest conditions in mind. No matter what summer throws at you, Scag equipment is ready to help you power through.

Zero Turn Riders

Scag manufactures zero turn riding mowers that are built with comfort, durability, and productivity in mind. No matter the size or scope of the job at hand, Scag’s zero turn mowers deliver exceptional cut quality and reliable performance, allowing you to tackle even the toughest jobs with ease. Green Industries offers the full range of Scag’s zero turn riding mowers including the most popular models:

  • Turf Tiger II – Tougher than any other ZTR in Scag’s fleet, the Turf Tiger II features 52”, 61” or 72” cutting width with the legendary Velocity Plus deck design.
  • Cheetah II – For properties that need a nimble and quick solution, Cheetah II is the perfect solution. Available in 61” or 72” cutting decks.
  • Tiger Cat II – A compact footprint and robust engine helps the Tiger Cat II swiftly move across any property with 48”, 61” or 72” cutting decks.
  • Patriot – Designed to be low maintenance and high performance, the Patriot is an ideal choice in 52” or 61” widths. 
  • Freedom Z – With options in 48” or 52” cutting deck, the Freedom Z is perfect for landscapers or homeowners with large-acreage property. 
  • Liberty Z – 36”, 42”, 48”, 52” and 61” options, the Liberty Z offer exceptional quality at a homeowner price point. 

Mid Size Walk Behind

Scag’s mid-size walk-behind mowers combine impressive power with a sleek, compact design, allowing you to access tighter areas that other mowers may not be able to reach. These mowers are built with durable materials and feature heavy-duty cutter decks to ensure the highest quality cuts. Green Industries provides our customers with access to Stag’s mid size walk behind mowers including:

  • SWZ Hydro-Drive – Available in 36″, 48″, 52″ or 61″ cutting widths, SWZ hydro-drive mid size walk behind mowers provide the finest cutting decks with the nimble response of our hydraulic systems.
  • SW Belt Drive – Simple to maintain and priced at a lower entry point than hydraulic driven models, SW Belt Drive models are available in 32″, 36″, 48″ or 52″ cutting width.
  • SWZT Hydro-Drive – The SWZT mid size walk behind features ultra-comfortable, ergonomic controls that contour to your hands in 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” cutting decks. 
  • SFC – Finish cut 30 IN SFC models are built to handle the stress of trailers, multiple properties and extended use.

Stand On

Comfort is an important element in stand on mowers. Many mowing jobs require several hours, which can lead to fatigue and discomfort if the operator is not properly supported. Stag’s V Ride II addresses this issue by utilizing first-class suspension to provide a smooth and natural ride. 

Despite the focus on comfort, performance and productivity are not forgotten. The V Ride II offers supreme power and provides the user with a high-quality cut on each job. Contact Green Industries today to learn more including options in 32”, 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” decks. 

Spreader and Sprayers

The Turf Storm from Stag provides maximum coverage, allowing you to reach large areas and maintain your turf easier and more efficiently than ever before. Featuring dual 30-gallon liquid tanks, you won’t need to constantly worry about refilling the Turf Storm. Stay out in the field longer and spray up to 25 feet at a time with the Turf Storm from Scag. 


Equipment from Wright is built using 100% heavy-duty commercial components, allowing for maximum durability and productivity. Built in Frederick, MD, Wright manufactures American-made equipment that is built to withstand the test of time and any working conditions you may encounter. 

Zero Turn Riders

Wright offers a complete line of zero turn riding mowers for grounds of all sizes and groundskeepers of all experience levels. The ZTO model is an entry-level commercial rider, while the ZXT is a heavy-duty option that is built to cover larger areas. The ZXL is somewhere in the middle, providing users with a mid-size heavy duty riding mower option.

Wright’s line of commercial mowers offer best-in-class power, while not sacrificing on comfort or durability. Reach out to Green Industries for zero turn riding mowers from Wright.  

  • ZTO – Available in 48”, 52” or 61” decks the ZTO is the entry level commercial mower offered by Wright. These machines are tough enough for many commercial operators or homeowners with acreage.
  • ZXL – 52” or 61” models are built on the same rugged frame as the ZXT with a more affordable design. The drivetrain, tires and seats provide exceptional performance without the fully professional elements of the ZXT.
  • ZXT – The ultimate in comfort, performance and durability, 52”, 61” or 72” models of the ZXT power through the toughest conditions and reliably perform day in and day out with fully professional features.

Stand On

Best known for their line of stand on mowers, Wright provides equipment built to perform in small and large areas alike. The STANDER B is built as an entry-level option for part-time professionals while the STANDER ZK is built for experienced professionals that might mow in less than ideal environments. No matter the acreage you need to cover or the terrain you need to tackle, Wright has a stand on mower that is designed to meet your specific needs. Contact Green Industries in Annapolis, MD for the following products from Wright:

  • STANDER B – 32”, 36”, 48” or 52” Stander B models are the ultimate in entry-level stand on mowers. 
  • STANDER I – When your work demands an upgraded durability and performance but you also need a small footprint the Stand I offers a solution with 36” or 42” cutting decks.
  • STANDER X – The Stander X comes with 48”, 52” or 61” revolutionary Wright AERO CORE™ decks. Every inch of the deck is designed to deliver unparalleled cut quality, turn-on-a-dime maneuverability and the reliability you expect from Wright.
  • STANDER ZK – The 52”, 61” or 72” Stander ZK holds nothing back with the ultimate in power, responsiveness and durability. These mowers offer the ultimate in gaining the professional advantage.


Greenworks equipment leads the revolution of all electric lawn equipment. Green Industries offers a full range of these products to help you tackle all of your lawn care needs with a gasless solution. We have a number of the 82V mowers, string trimmers, backpack blowers and handheld blowers in our showroom. Available professional grade equipment includes:

  • Blowers
  • Chain Saws
  • Pole Saw
  • Cut-Off Saw
  • Stick Edgers
  • Lawn Mowers
  • String Trimmers
  • Tiller Cultivator
  • Snow Blowers
  • Work Light


Echo manufactures commercial and residential power equipment alike that is designed with the user in mind. Equipment from Echo provides users with exceptional power, enhanced performance, and supreme durability. From blowers and chainsaws to trimmers and handheld equipment, Echo offers products that can help with any job. 


Blowers from Echo make it easier than ever to clean up debris left behind from your latest job. Dust, leaves, dirt, grass clippings, and other debris can be a hassle to clean at the end of the day, but Echo’s line of blowers makes it a breeze. Built with powerful engines and advanced airflow systems, count on handheld or backpack blowers from Echo to make the cleanup process more efficient than ever. 

Echo’s line of blowers includes the following systems:

  • Back Pack Commercial Blowers
  • Cordless Commercial Blowers
  • Handheld Commercial Blowers
  • Shred ‘N’ Vac


Trimmers from Echo can tear through even the toughest brush and grass with ease. Designed with multiple speed settings to allow for maximum control and high torque for greater performance, Echo’s line of trimmers are a go-to choice for professional landscapers and homeowners throughout the Annapolis, MD area.

Contact Green Industries for trimmers from Echo:

  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Cordless Hedge Trimmers
  • Wheel Trimmers
  • String Trimmers
  • Cordless Brush Cutters
  • Brush Cutters
  • Edgers
  • Bed Redefiners


Felling a tree or cutting large branches can be a difficult, tiring, and potentially dangerous task, but one made easier and safer with chainsaws from Echo. Their line of chainsaws is available in several different bar lengths, ensuring you can find the right option for your needs. Echo offers the following chainsaw models:

  • Cordless Chainsaws
  • Commercial Chainsaws

Other Equipment from Echo

Echo is an industry-leading manufacturer, and it’s evident in the quality of the product they provide. Count on Echo for all of your power equipment needs, including:

  • Hand Tools
  • Cordless Lawn Mowers
  • Pro Attachment Series
  • Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Tiller-Cultivator


Redmax is well-known throughout the industry for providing a reliable lineup of commercial outdoor power equipment. From blowers and edgers to trimmers, sprayers, zero turn mowers and beyond, equipment from Redmax offers supreme durability and efficiency. 

Highly regarded for their dedication to using cutting-edge technology and producing innovative designs, Redmax provides users with equipment that utilizes advanced features, such as high-powered engines, ergonomic handles, and easy-to-use controls. These innovations make them some of the most user-friendly and efficient tools on the market today.

Contact Green Industries for Redmax commercial power equipment in the Annapolis, MD area.

Types of Equipment

At Green Industries, we know that the right power equipment can make or break the job at hand. Using poor equipment can lead to poor results, decreased productivity, lost time, higher costs, and even safety hazards. That’s why we provide Annapolis home and business owners with the equipment they need to get the job done on time. We provide the area with the following equipment from industry-leading manufacturers:

  • Zero Turn Riding Mowers
  • Mid Size Walk Behind Mowers
  • Stand On Mowers

Used Equipment from Green Industries

When the time comes to purchase equipment, you’re not limited to buying new. Buying used equipment from Green Industries can provide you with the equipment you need at a lower overall price point. Reach out to our team today to learn more about whether new or used equipment is the better choice for your situation.