Commercial Lawn Mower Winterization

When the weather grows colder and your professional landscaping jobs slow down, it’s time to start putting your outdoor power equipment away for the season. But before you roll your commercial lawn mowers into storage, there are important steps you must take.

At Green Industries, we know the risks of letting equipment sit unused for long periods of time without proper preparation, especially in the brutally cold winters in Annapolis, Maryland. That’s why our experienced service experts offer commercial lawn mower winterization to protect your equipment until your next busy season rolls around.

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Our Premium Winterization Service for Commercial Lawn Mowers

At Green Industries, we’re more than a premier outdoor equipment dealer – we’re a trustworthy partner in all your commercial landscaping needs. In fact, we were first founded as a professional lawn mower repair service.

Since 2017, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include major repairs and intensive maintenance so your new equipment can perform as well as the day you bought it for as long as possible. When you choose our team of experts for winterization service, you’ll receive the following:

In-Depth Inspection

First, we’ll check every single minute component from the blades and tires to the hardware and belts, for damage incurred during your busy season. We’ll perform any necessary maintenance and make minor repairs so the issue doesn’t worsen in the off-season.

Careful Cleaning

You don’t hang your clothes back in your closet without washing them, and you wouldn’t put a dirty lawn mower away for the winter without proper cleaning. Our team will wash grass clippings, dirt, and other debris from the inside and outside of your mower so it shines brightly when you use it again in the spring.

Gasoline Stabilization

Gas is expensive, so we understand that the thought of wasting it is hard to consider. 

But if you leave gasoline in your tank while the mower is stored for the winter, it could cause significant damage to the machine. When left to sit in your lawn mower longer than 2 weeks, fuel oxidizes and deteriorates, clogging your lines and corroding your machine as a result.

The service technicians at Green Industries will either run your mower until it runs out of gas, empty the tank or add a fuel stabilizer to it. When adding a stabilizer, the key is to run the machine for 5 to 10 minutes so it fully incorporates.

The last step in our process is up to you – find a safe, dry, and secure place to store your commercial fleet. Garages and sheds make the best mower storage spaces, while basements or areas with high moisture or proximity to HVAC equipment such as your water heater are not ideal.

Give your commercial lawn mower the rest it deserves. Contact Green Industries today for comprehensive winterization.

Benefits of Professional Winterization Service

Green Industries’ commercial lawn mower winterization boasts the following benefits:

  • Extended Equipment Life: When your equipment is professionally cared for on a routine basis, it can run stronger for longer. A typical lawn mower can last anywhere from 1,200-2,500 hours with regular care.
  • Reduced Repairs: Preserving and protecting your lawn mower with winterization can reduce the risk of repairs and the need for more intensive maintenance during your next busy season.
  • Prevents Deterioration: Cold weather or unchecked moisture can cause rust and corrosion that whittles away at your machine’s frame and other metal components. When sitting unused in storage, this deterioration can hinder its performance in the next season.
  • Keep Your Warranty Intact: The equipment in Green Industries’ inventory is from the top brands and manufacturers in the industry. They often include comprehensive warranties, which require outdoor equipment winterization to remain intact.


Post-Storage Checklist: How to Prepare for the Summer

When spring arrives and the frost thaws, so must your commercial lawn mowers. As your professional landscaping operation calendar fills up, you want to bring your equipment out of storage and take these DIY maintenance steps to ensure a powerful performance throughout the summer.

Follow this checklist made by our experts to ensure you and your equipment are ready for the busy season:

  1. Check & change the oil
  2. Fill the tank with fresh fuel and a new stabilizer
  3. Sharpen the blades
  4. Inspect for damage to any hardware or electrical components
  5. Clean & change filters
  6. Lubricate moving parts
  7. Inspect the spark plugs

We get it – running your business is hard enough without having to perform detailed maintenance on every lawn mower in your commercial fleet. 

Let Green Industries take the burden of spring maintenance off your shoulders with our professional lawn mower maintenance services. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Brands We Service

We provide comprehensive winterization to lawn mowers manufactured by the top brands in the industry, including:

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Across Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas, Green Industries is the #1 commercial outdoor power equipment dealer and service provider. We’ve built our reputation thanks to our dedication to constantly evolving techniques and exceptional customer service.

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