Toro Mower Service

Toro is one of the top names in lawn care equipment. Powerful, versatile, and built with user experience in mind, Toro’s commercial lawnmowers are a beneficial addition to any professional landscaping fleet. Unfortunately, even the most efficient equipment can experience breakdowns.

When your Toro mower runs into trouble, Green Industries is here to help with comprehensive landscaping equipment services for issues of every level. Our knowledgeable technicians are trained to deliver timely diagnoses and address a range of common issues and major mechanical problems facing your Toro equipment.

Toro Commercial Maintenance and Repairs

Located in the Greater Annapolis area, our service team has cultivated a reputation for exemplary service based on our years of experience and dedication to the success of your professional lawn care operation.

Avoid costly job delays – Get your Toro equipment back up and running in no time with commercial repair services from Green Industries.

Toro Equipment We Service

One of the most recognized and recommended brands in the commercial landscaping industry, Toro’s range of powerful equipment is always covered by our specialists. At Green Industries, we understand that your unique equipment needs specialized service solutions.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing industry-leading service for all types of Toro equipment, including:

Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Toro’s unmatched ZTR models, including the TimeCutter ZTR, TimeCutter Havoc Edition, and Titan ZTR MyRide, can all benefit from our one-of-a-kind services.

Grand Stand Mowers

Keep your Toro stand on mowers running smoothly with repair from our friendly staff. We provide service for GrandStand Gas Stand On Mowers, GrandStand HDX, and GrandStand Revolution.

Walk Behind Mowers

Toro’s Recycler, Time Master, TurfMaster HDX, Pro-Line HDX, and other residential and mid-size walk behind mowers can experience better performance with our top-of-the-line repair solutions.

Turf Renovation Equipment

Our services aren’t limited to lawnmowers. We’re also trained to handle all types of repairs on Toro’s full range of turf equipment, including aerators, spreaders, sprayers, brush cutters, seeders, and power rakes.


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Services You Can Trust

Whether you own a commercial landscaping company or manage a private property, you can’t afford to lose time on lawn care jobs due to faulty equipment. So when your Toro lawnmowers need repair, trust the service experts at Green Industries.

Our team is trained to handle every issue caused by hidden objects, uneven terrain, or normal wear and tear. Our services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and affordable so you can get back to work with minimal delays.

We offer a wide range of services for Toro equipment, including:

Maintenance Tune Up

Save your Toro equipment from costly repairs down the line with routine maintenance conducted by our dedicated service team. We can tune up all types of Toro products to extend their lifespan and optimize their performance.

Commercial Mower Repair

With a busy landscaping schedule that only gets more hectic as the summer goes on, your Toro lawnmowers experience heavy use that exposes them to a greater deal of threats, such as hidden objects, curbs, and other natural threats. When your blades, spindles, engines, and other mechanical aspects need expert repair, choose Green Industries.

Hydraulic Oil Changes

When you invest in Toro’s innovative hydraulic-driven equipment, you expect it to last. But your hydraulic system will only perform at the highest level if it receives the care it needs, specifically a hydraulic oil change. Our service team offers quick oil changes to keep your hydraulic system fresh and clean for peak performance.

Tire Changes

Toro lawnmowers are propelled by tough tires. But over time, every tire eventually loses traction. If your tire has reached the end of its life or gone flat unexpectedly, we will swiftly address the issue with our resealing, tube installation, and replacement services.

Battery Replacement

A healthy battery is essential to starting your system and your electrical system running at full capacity. Damaged wires, loose or malfunctioning relays and sensors, and even fuses can shutdown an entire operation. Don’t let a weak battery or other Toro electrical issue cause problems. 

Green Industries offers fast and effective repairs including battery replacement services. 

An energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative to gas-powered machinery, Toro’s battery-powered equipment is quickly becoming a reality for lawn care professionals. However, batteries don’t function forever. When you need quick battery replacement, choose our specialists at Green Industries.

Hydraulic Lines (Made on Site)

Even with regular hydraulic oil changes, your hydraulic lines can wear out and require replacement. At Green Industries, we can save you time and money by performing quality hydraulic line replacements on-site at our service location in Annapolis.

Choose Green Industries for Expert Service with Customer Satisfaction in Mind

At Green Industries, we take pride in delivering personalized service for every piece of Toro equipment that comes through our door. What sets us apart from other repair providers is our deep industry knowledge and outstanding customer service. Ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we only sell and service equipment from Toro and other top brands and manufacturers to ensure the success of your professional landscaping operation.

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