Echo Power Blowers

No lawn care project is complete without efficient clean-up. You don’t want dust, leaves, and grass clippings to distract from your hard work. When you need a solution to debris, look no further than ECHO’s line of high-quality blowers from Green Industries.

There are extensive ways commercial landscaping companies benefit from ECHO equipment’s ergonomic features. These powerful handheld and backpack-style machines make cleaning up even the toughest lawn jobs easier than ever.

At Green Industries, we’ve provided Annapolis, Maryland, and the surrounding areas with the finest outdoor power equipment from leading brands, including ECHO. Visit our local store today to browse our superior equipment inventory and find the perfect ECHO blower for your next outdoor project!

ECHO Backpack Blowers

Are you a commercial landscaper with numerous clean-up jobs to complete throughout a typical week? Do you have to tackle a large property littered with leaves and other debris? 

ECHO’s line of premium backpack blowers, including hip-mounted and tube-mounted variable throttle models, are convenient and easy to use, without sacrificing power.

Green Industries’ inventory of ECHO backpack blowers includes:


Your toughest lawn care jobs have met their match in the ECHO X Series PB-9010. One of the most powerful backpack mowers on the market, we offer 2 distinct models: the PB-9010T and PB-9010H. Each is equipped with a 79.9 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for unmatched durability and an industry-leading 48 N of blowing power.


The ECHO X Series PB-770 is an industry staple when it comes to air speed and air volume. Both the PB-700T and the PB-770H boast a large capacity fuel tank and vented back pad that can send debris away from the lawn at up to 234 miles per hour.


Looking to complete your next landscaping job without disrupting the neighborhood? Both the PB-760LNH and PB-760LNT were designed especially to be low-noise. Each model only emits about 65 decibels while still providing you with a 214 MPH force. So you can rid lawns of leaves and debris without the risk of violating any noise regulations in a neighborhood.


When you have an overflowing commercial lawn care schedule, you need the PB-580. Equipped with a backrest and shoulder pads, the PB-580H and PB-580T make even the biggest, toughest jobs productive without sacrificing your personal comfort.

ECHO Handheld Blowers

Ergonomic, powerful, and built around the user experience – ECHO’s handheld blowers can help you complete your small-scale or highly focused clean-up jobs in half the time. With varying degrees of power and size, you’ll find the perfect model for your commercial lawn care operation or residential use at Green Industries.

We carry the following types of handheld blowers made by ECHO:


The PB-2620 is a compact, handheld blower with all the necessary professional components. A double-grid intake reduces the risk of clogs from flying debris, while the 25.4 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine ensures you can easily clean up every lawn you work on.


For those times when you need a blower that lasts all day long, ECHO created the PB-2520. Its ultra-lightweight design still manages to prioritize power so you get the same high-quality cleanup without the hassle and discomfort of a heavy machine.

Our Additional Echo Equipment

At Green Industries, we’re sure to pack our inventory with all the outdoor power equipment your professional landscaping operation could ever need. Our full range of ECHO products includes:

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Professional Equipment Repair & Maintenance Offerings

Green Industries is more than a store – we’re your #1 partner in all things landscaping equipment. When you need to repair or care for your new ECHO blowers, our in-house experts are here to help.

We offer expert maintenance services for all the handheld ECHO equipment in our inventory to help prolong the life of your blower and prevent unexpected breakdowns. And when a repair is eventually needed, our technicians will take care of that as well, diagnosing and repairing the issue in a swift, affordable fashion.

Don’t lose time and money due to your commercial lawn care equipment – call Green Industries for trustworthy service for your ECHO equipment.

Contact Green Industries for The Best Selection of ECHO Blowers

In Annapolis and the surrounding areas, Green Industries is a proven partner of professional landscaping companies. Our vast inventory of ECHO blowers and other handheld outdoor power products is just the tip of the iceberg of our industry-leading products and services. As a locally-owned company, we’re invested in the success of our community, which is why we always go above and beyond to serve our fellow local business owners. Contact Green Industries to make your next ECHO blower purchase today.