Wright Mower Parts

Efficient landscaping equipment repairs are contingent on the proper parts. At Green Industries in Annapolis, MD, we provide parts for all Wright equipment. From general maintenance parts to specific original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, our service professionals will install only the highest quality components to get your Wright equipment working again in less time.

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Wright MFG Filters

Air Filters

Air filters protect your Wright mower’s engine from dirt, grass clippings, and other debris. We sell replacement air filters to keep your Wright ZTRs and stand on mowers safe and clean after heavy use.

Oil Filters

Routine oil filter replacement also protects your engine from contaminants. Our service team can provide new OEM oil filters for your Wright equipment as part of our comprehensive preventative maintenance service.

Hydraulic Oil Filters

Hydraulic systems are complex but can greatly improve the power and performance of your Wright equipment when properly maintained. To ensure your hydraulic system is free of impurities, take advantage of our Wright hydraulic oil filter replacement service today.

Fuel Filters

Foreign particles can be detrimental to your Wright equipment if they enter the fuel system. Routine fuel filter changes performed by our service specialists can save you from costly repairs and extend the life of your machine.

Wright Mower Blades

As time goes by, the blades on your Wright lawnmowers will wear down. We can sharpen, replace, and balance your Wright commercial mower blades to ensure you always get a clean cut.

Engine Oil

Small engines can’t operate without high-quality engine oil to protect against corrosion and friction. After 50-100 hours of use or after long dormant periods, such as the start of the busy season, we recommended swapping your old engine oil for the OEM synthetic blends or standard oil options in our inventory.

Wright Hydraulic Fluid 

Hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of your hydraulic equipment by Wright. We offer OEM hydraulic fluid to help maintain the power of your engine.

Wright Spindles

Hidden objects on a lawn can damage even the best spindles. Without proper spindles, your blades won’t run as efficiently, compromising the quality of your Wright mower. At Green Industries, we offer all the spindle parts necessary to keep your equipment running well.

Wright Pulleys

Wright mower’s drive system is made up of individual pulleys which can wear down over time. When you notice a decrease in performance or the sudden appearance of strange sounds from your deck, bring your equipment to us for efficient pulley replacement.


Your blade doesn’t have the necessary power to perform quality cuts without a functioning deck belt. Our service experts can replace worn, frayed, and broken belts for all types of Wright equipment.

Wright Mower Cables

Many types of cables keep your Wright equipment moving. At Green Industries we offer the following high-quality cables:

  • Throttle cables
  • Choke cables
  • Self propel mower cables
  • Blade brake cables

Each of our cable offerings can be tailored to match the exact specifications of your unique Wright model.


When foreign objects get into the carburetors running your Wright equipment, they can break down. While simple clogs can be addressed with a carburetor kit from Green Industries, we also offer carb gaskets and full replacements for larger issues.


Wright’s electric mowers can experience a wide range of mechanical failures after prolonged or heavy use over time. We stock an extensive selection of electrical components, including fuses, wire harnesses, and ignition coils, to effectively power your machine.

Wheels and Tires

Replacing the tires on your Wright mowers has never been easier. With access to our inventory of wheel types and assemblies, you can make flat and old tires a thing of the past.

Hardware and Other Parts

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your Wright equipment, our online parts catalog is stocked with all the parts you need. Our product expertise allows us to expertly guide you through our system so you can quickly find the most fitting parts for your specific model every time.

Replacement Wright Parts from Green Industries

Your landscaping equipment is only as good as the sum of its parts, and Wright lawnmowers are some of the top mowers currently on the market. 

At Green Industries, we believe that part repairs and replacements should add value to your equipment – not take away from its quality. That’s why we’re proud to provide parts that offer the same high quality as those original to your equipment.

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