Scag Parts

When your Scag equipment breaks down, it’s much more cost-effective and sustainable to replace the malfunctioning parts than the entire machine. Come to Green Industries to find replacement parts tailored to your specific model’s needs. 

Our catalog of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts is affordable, high-quality, and can be expertly installed by our in-house service specialists.

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From your engine to your fuel lines, the various filters in your Scag equipment protect internal systems from dust, dirt, grass clippings, and other debris. In order to optimize the performance of this preventative component, filters should be changed regularly. At Green Industries, we provide a wide range of new OEM filters, including:

  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters

Equipment Fluids

Fresh oil and fluids have a significant impact on the performance of your Scag equipment. Oil and hydraulic fluids protect mechanical components from corrosion, friction, and heat from close contact. 

Most fluids in your Scag lawnmowers should be changed after 50-100 hours of use. We also recommend changing your oil before your busy season after the equipment has sat dormant for a long period of time. Our part catalog includes the following fluid types:

  • Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid


While not the most complex part of your equipment, the blades on Scag mowers have one of the most important jobs – cutting grass! But when you put your blades through frequent use on large-scale commercial landscaping jobs, they can quickly wear down. While our service team can sharpen and balance your blades, sometimes a complete replacement is the best option. Green Industries provides exemplary commercial mower blades in our parts catalog.


Spindles help propel the blades on your Scag mowers. But when hidden objects or normal wear and tear result in inefficient spindles, choose a premium replacement from Green Industries.


An array of pulleys make up your Scag equipment’s drive system. Like other internal components, these pulleys can degrade over time, resulting in decreased performance. If you notice odd sounds, such as whining, when you operate your Scag mower, it may be time for a pulley replacement.


Quality cuts rely on the power of your Scag mower’s deck belt. When belts are worn, frayed, or completely broken, you can find a first-rate replacement in our online catalog.


Your Scag equipment includes numerous cables in its internal systems. At Green Industries, we provide a range of excellent cables, including throttle cables, choke cables, self-propel mower cables, and blade brake cables. In our parts inventory, you can easily find a cable with the exact specifications to fit each of your Scag models.


A carburetor can be detrimentally damaged by contaminants that enter your Scag equipment’s system. Simple clogs can be fixed with a carburetor kit, while carb gaskets can address larger issues. We provide both parts and repair services for affordable prices.


Electrical mowers by Scag are just as susceptible to breakdowns as gas-powered models. From fuses and ignition coils to wire harnesses, we provide a wide range of electrical components to enhance the performance of your electric mowers.

Wheels and Tires

No one wants to deal with flat or bald tires on their mowers. Choose Green Industries in Annapolis, MD for new tires and wheel assemblies for all the Scag equipment in your commercial fleet.

Hardware and Other Parts

At Green Industries, we stock every part necessary to power your Scag equipment in our easy-to-use digital parts catalog. Each item in our catalog is chosen for its quality and benefit to the premium equipment we sell and service. Our inventory is backed by our commitment to our customers’ success and deep industry knowledge.

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The parts that make up your landscaping equipment are critical to its successful operation. Green Industries’ inventory of Scag-compatible parts ensures that repairs and replacements never take away from the original quality and performance of your commercial equipment. Coupled with our new and used equipment offerings and our superior service capabilities, our parts can transform your equipment and elevate your professional lawn care service as a result.

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