Redmax Parts

Redmax is among the most trusted brands in creating modern outdoor power equipment for both professional and residential use. When the time comes to maintain and repair your Redmax equipment, genuine OEM parts ensure optimal performance and help your equipment achieve a longer lifespan.

At Green Industries, we offer a comprehensive selection of Redmax parts, including air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, trimmer line, and online parts lookup for other needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you find the right parts to keep your Redmax equipment running smoothly, so you can tackle any outdoor task with confidence.

Lubricants and Oils

Redmax MaxFuel

MaxFuel from Redmax is a pre-mixed fuel that is combined with Redmax’s highly-regarded synthetic oil blend. Designed to not degrade or oxidize, as pump gas does, MaxFuel can stay fresh for years when stored properly. This makes it an ideal choice for users who want convenience and reliability in their fuel supply for Redmax equipment.

Specifically formulated to optimize engine performance, reduce emissions, and help extend the life of your equipment, MaxFuel is the perfect fuel solution for both professional landscapers and homeowners alike. Its carefully balanced blend of fuel and oil ensures that your Redmax equipment runs smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal maintenance requirements.


Engineered to be the best performing 2-Stroke lubricant, MAXPRO is specifically designed and tested for RedMax 2-Stroke engines. 

The JASO-FD certified formulation meets and exceeds the toughest oil standard, providing the perfect balance of engine lubricity, detergency and exhaust output. Keep your commercial landscape equipment running smoothly, longer with MAXPRO.

2-Stroke Engine Oil

RedMax 2-Stroke Oils are a semi-synthetic blend optimized for high performance within the product lineup. 

Bottles are available in a variety of including pre-measured bottles for 1, 2, 2.5 and 5 gallon 50:1 mix.

Bar and Chain Oil 

Available in quarts and gallons, RedMax Bar and Chain Oil is made of virgin oil. This oil optimizes your chainsaw’s cutting performance by reducing heat and friction. 

Attachments and Accessories

Equipment from Redmax is compatible with a wide range of attachments that allow you to get the most from your machinery. Whether it’s attachments for your blower, trimmer, or other Redmax tools, you can find a variety of options to suit your specific needs.

With genuine attachments from Redmax, can achieve professional-level results in landscaping, lawn care, and other outdoor maintenance tasks. Explore Green Industries’ extensive catalog of attachments to unlock the full potential of your Redmax equipment and elevate your outdoor work to the next level.

Engine and Body Parts

Redmax is a leader in handheld equipment and zero turn mowers. Green Industries stocks a wide range of maintenance parts in our inventory. Connect with our friendly staff or order direct online. 


Redmax replacement carburetors are specifically engineered to deliver optimal fuel-air mixture for efficient engine performance. They play a crucial role in maintaining proper engine function and power output. With genuine OEM carburetors from Redmax, you can trust that your outdoor power equipment will start easily, run smoothly, and operate at its best, whether you’re tackling residential or professional tasks.


Your Redmax uses filters, like air filters and fuel filters, to ensure clean air and fuel delivery to the engine, which is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of your outdoor power equipment. Air filters prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the engine. Fuel filters keep contaminants out of the fuel system, protecting the engine from damage and ensuring smooth operation.

Regularly replacing filters with genuine Redmax parts is essential for keeping your equipment running smoothly and reducing the risk of engine damage.


Equipment from Redmax is designed to withstand the rigors of outside work. If your belt has worn down or started showing signs of damage, replacing it with a genuine Redmax belt is essential for maintaining optimal performance and safety. Don’t compromise on the integrity of your equipment—trust OEM Redmax belts to keep your outdoor tools running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


From throttle control to blade engagement, cables control various functions of your equipment. Genuine cables from Redmax are designed to withstand frequent use and harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring precise and responsive operation. Regular inspection and maintenance of cables, along with using genuine Redmax replacements when needed, are essential for optimal equipment performance.

Electrical Components

Your equipment’s electrical components play a crucial role in ignition and performance. Redmax’s lineup of genuine electrical component replacement parts is designed to ensure reliable ignition, efficient performance, and overall safety of your outdoor equipment. From ignition coils and spark plugs to wiring harnesses and switches, Redmax electrical components are built to withstand the demands of outdoor use, including exposure to heat, moisture, and vibration.

Batteries and Chargers

Using genuine Redmax batteries in your equipment is important to protect your equipment and ensure it’s operating properly. Using off-brand batteries can lead to compatibility issues, reduced performance, and potential damage to your equipment.

Genuine Redmax batteries are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Redmax outdoor power equipment, providing reliable power and long-lasting performance. Additionally, using Redmax chargers ensures your batteries are charging correctly and not overcharging, which can reduce their lifespan.

Other Parts

Looking for other genuine Redmax replacement parts? 

Get in touch with Green Industries. Our extensive inventory of OEM Redmax parts ensures that you’ll find the right fit for your specific model, maintaining the performance, reliability, and safety of your outdoor power tools.

Trust Green Industries for Genuine Redmax Parts

Green Industries works with the industry’s top manufacturers, and Redmax is certainly no exception. Their products are built to provide professionals and homeowners with exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. When the time comes to order replacement parts, call Green Industries.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, helping you identify the parts you need and ensuring a seamless ordering process. With Green Industries, you can trust that you’re getting top-quality Redmax parts backed by manufacturer warranties and expertise. Contact us today to find the perfect genuine Redmax replacement parts for your equipment and keep your outdoor tasks running smoothly.