Toro Parts

Even minor issues and mechanical failures with your Toro equipment can be detrimental to your professional lawn care operation. Avoid delays and get quick, affordable repairs by taking advantage of Green Industries’ vast replacement parts inventory. Our online catalog of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts includes general maintenance components and specialized parts for your unique Toro models.

Check out Green Industries’ expansive replacement parts catalog or speak with one our of equipment experts today.

The Top Parts Inventory in the Industry

Toro Genuine parts ensure the proper fit onto your turf equipment.

Whether you are replacing mower blades, belts, cables, or performing a major repair, count on Green Industries for online parts and exceptional help within our Annapolis storefront.

Toro Filters

Your Toro equipment is protected by filters that keep foreign objects and contaminants out of your engine, fuel lines and other internal systems. After heavy use, these filters should be routinely replaced to ensure your mechanical components aren’t damaged and can continue performing at a high level. Our inventory of OEM filters includes:

  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters

Toro Equipment Fluids

Engine Oil

Regularly changing your engine oil helps prevent corrosion and overheating in your Toro engines. Green Industries’ service team recommends engine oil changes after 50-100 hours of use. We carry both OEM synthetic blends and standard oil options in our catalog.

Hydraulic Fluid

Toro’s equipment is known for powerful hydraulic systems. Toro Hypr-Oil prevents your system from excessive wear and costly repairs. This system relies on fresh, clean hydraulic fluid to properly operate. We provide high-quality OEM hydraulic fluid.

Toro Mower Blades

You can’t efficiently cut grass without sharp, powerful blades. At Green Industries, we can perform blade sharpening and balancing to optimize your blade performance. But when your Toro equipment needs a complete replacement, we also offer superb commercial mower blades.

Toro Spindles

The blades on your Toro mowers get their energy from blade drive spindles. When your spindles aren’t properly functioning due to unexpected damage or normal wear and tear, you find premium replacements in our parts catalog.

Toro Pulleys

When the pulleys powering your drive system break down, get Toro-compatible replacement pulleys from Green Industries. You’ll know when you need pulleys if you notice a decreased performance in your equipment or hear unusual whining sounds during operation.

Toro Belts

Your Toro mower’s deck belt provides the power for consistent quality cuts.

Toro hydraulic belts are precision measured to exact specifications.

When belt wear down over time, fray, or break completely also choose genuine Toro belts. We offer top-tier replacement belts.

Toro Cables

It takes a number of cables to operate your Toro mowers. Our wide selection of replacement cables is designed to fit each specialized type of Scah equipment in your commercial fleet. We provide the following cable types:

  • Throttle cables
  • Choke cables
  • Self propel mower cables
  • Blade brake cables


Sometimes Toro carburetors can become clogged by foreign objects. Most often, this can be addressed by a carburetor rebuild kit. However, it can be more sustainable and cost-effective to order a full replacement. Green Industries provides replacement carburetors, rebuild kits, and carb gaskets for your Toro equipment.


Toro’s innovative electric products face a range of common operational challenges. When these issues require major repairs or replacements, we have the parts to get the job done right fast. Find ignition coils, fuses, and other electrical components in our parts catalog.

Wheels and Tires

Even the most high-quality equipment by Toro is susceptible to flat tires. If your tires are damaged or simply need replacement due to age, we offer superior tires and wheel assemblies.

If your Toro clutch fails, call on Green Industries for the exact replacement quickly.

Authentic Toro PTO Clutch will restore power and drives your cutting deck without fail.

Hardware and Other Parts

Green Industries is your one-stop shop for all your Toro equipment parts needs. Our online replacement parts catalog is user-friendly and stocked with parts to address common replacements and repair issues facing every kind of premium equipment we offer in our new and used inventory. 

Accessible, Affordable Toro Parts for All Lawn Care Professionals

Without the proper parts, your landscaping equipment won’t achieve its optimal performance. From Toro-specific parts to general maintenance components, Green Industries specializes in top-notch parts offerings and services for all levels of commercial landscaping equipment in Annapolis, MD. We believe that premium equipment should operate as efficiently as the day you purchased it for years to come. That’s why we’re committed to a level of quality unmatched by other parts providers in the industry.

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