Genuine OEM Parts

With a wide range of parts in our inventory and fast shipping, Green Industries Equipment makes ordering parts online and in our showroom an ideal experience. 

Our team is committed to ensuring professional landscape companies can maintain and repair equipment quickly. 

Landscaping Equipment Parts

When your lawn care equipment breaks down and requires repairs, you need the right parts for the job. Green Industries provides parts for landscaping equipment, including mowers, small engines, handheld equipment and more. Whether you need simple maintenance parts or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, Green Industries helps professionals get back to work faster. Contact our team or take a look at our easy online parts ordering system. 

Air Filters

Air filters for lawn mowers and other engines keep dust, dirt, grass clipping and other debris from reaching the system’s engine and fuel system. These filters should be replaced according to your hours and usage charts. Affordable air cleaners changed at regular intervals prevent breakdowns and improve fuel efficiency. We offer air filters for a wide range of commercial and residential walk behind, zero turn, stand on mowers and all other small engines. 

Oil Filters

Oil filter changes are another preventative maintenance service you should perform routinely. OEM oil filters remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that may damage your engine. Renewing your oil filter helps your engine run smoothly and adds service life to small engines. Turn to Green Industries for oil filters in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities.

Hydraulic Oil Filters

With normal usage, hydraulic oil filters remove impurities within your hydraulic system. To reduce the chances of performance issues, hydraulic filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, the frequency of filter changes will vary depending on the type of machine, operating conditions, and quality of the hydraulic fluid. As one of the most complex and expensive systems within your drivetrain, using OEM hydraulic filters is always recommended.


Blades wear down over time, leading to lower-quality cuts and decreased performance. Commercial mower blades should be sharpened and balanced every 10-12 hours to prolong life and improve cut quality. With proper care, rotary blades can last from 100-200 hours. As any commercial landscaper knows, many factors including hidden debris, humid conditions and rigors of commercial turf can damage blades. 

Residential mower blades should be replaced annually in the spring to ensure the best quality of cut throughout the spring and summer. 

Green Industries offers replacement blades for a number of mower models, including walk behind, stand on, and zero turn machines. 

Engine Oil

Engine oil is the lifeblood of all small engines. High quality engine oil protects against friction, corrosion and heat of moving parts. Your engine’s oil should be replaced after about 50-100 hours of use, or at the beginning of the season. Be sure to check your system’s oil regularly and contact Green Industries for OEM manufacturer synthetic oil blends and standard oil options.

Hydraulic Fluid 

Hydraulic fluid is vital to protecting hydrostatic transmissions. It transfers power, lubricates moving parts, and helps to dissipate heat. To help your hydraulic equipment run as intended, your hydraulic fluid should be replaced according to the owners manual. Green Industries offers the OEM hydraulic fluid for the major brands including Parker, Hydro-Gear, White and others. Green Industries provides Annapolis home and business owners with replacement hydraulic fluid for a wide range of equipment.

Quality OEM Parts

While maintenance parts like filters, fluids and blades keep your engines running and decks cutting smoothly, Green Industries Equipment knows downtime is costly. 

Our selection of OEM replacement parts includes:


Blade drive spindles transfer energy from the deck belt to your blades. Even the best spindles can be damaged by striking obstructions in yards. Green Industries offers spindle assemblies or the parts to rebuild your spindle including spindle shafts and bearings. Green Industries offers deck parts for industry-leading equipment manufacturers, including Scag, Toro, Wright, and more.


A mower’s pulleys create the drive system that allows the belts to move. Idler pulleys and deck drive pulleys wear overtime. Strange sounds and high pitched squeaks from your deck may indicate worn bearings in the pulley or loose hardware. If your pulleys wear down, they can be replaced with the same parts used by the equipment’s manufacturer. Turn to Green Industries for replacement pulleys throughout the Annapolis, MD area and beyond.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are necessary to prevent debris, dirt, grass clippings, and other foreign particles from entering your fuel system. Over time, your existing fuel filters will become clogged as they prevent particles from entering the engine, leading to decreased performance. Replacing the fuel filter at least once per year is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your equipment’s performance. Contact Green Industries or check out our online parts inventory.


A mower’s deck belt transfers power from the machine’s engine to its blades. This allows the blades to move at the velocity needed to cut grass effectively. With time, a mower’s belt can become worn, frayed, or completely break, causing the blades to stop turning. 

Hydraulic pump drive belts transfer energy from the engine drive shaft to the hydrostatic transmission. These belts can fray, stretch, and break during use. For fast solutions contact our team. 

Walk power mowers, edgers and other residential lawn care equipment have specific belts. Replacing a belt on your equipment with the wrong size can impact performance and even damage transmissions. Turn to Green Industries for your OEM replacement mower belt needs.


Throttle cables, choke cables, self propel mower cables and blade brake cables stretch, kink, corrode, and snap often without warning. To keep your lawn equipment running properly, Green Industries can help with OEM cables. Our team offers a wide range of high-quality cables for various applications that match the exact fittings, length and other specifications for your model.


Carburetors are used to provide a mixture of fuel and air to many small engines. When fuel is stale, dirty or air filters are clogged with grass clippings, carburetors can fail. In some cases a carburetor rebuild kit is effective. In many small engines, renewing the carburetor with a replacement is a faster and more effective solution. Shop Green Industries for carburetor replacements, rebuild kits and carb gaskets.


When your machinery’s electrical components stop working, it can lead to downtime for your business or keep you from completing your landscaping duties. Green Industries provides a wide range of replacement electrical components to keep your machinery running well throughout the season. From simple fuses and ignition coils to wire harnesses and ignition models, our team helps you identify the exact part for your model number.

Wheels and Tires

Tire replacement is simple with Green Industries. We offer a wide selection of tires to match the size and tread pattern you need. We also offer caster wheels, complete assemblies, even walk power mower wheels. There’s no reason to struggle with flat tires and wobbly wheels with the help of Green Industries. 

Hardware and Other Parts

Our complete online parts catalog helps you find the exact part you need. Detailed diagrams of your model helps you quickly breakdown your equipment and purchase the exact parts you need to fix your equipment the first time every time. 

Brands We Work With

Green Industries provides landscape contractors and homeowners throughout the Annapolis, MD area with access to equipment and parts from leading brands in the industry. Authentic replacement parts ensure best fit and proper operation. Contact Green Industries today for parts and equipment from industry-leading manufacturers including:

Replacement Parts from Green Industries

At Green Industries, we know that it’s often a smarter financial decision to replace any worn or broken parts, rather than replacing the entire machine. That’s why we provide replacement parts for mowers, trimmers, aerators, and other landscaping equipment products. View our large inventory of replacement parts to get started.