Wright Stand-On Mowers

When it comes to leading commercial power equipment, look no further than the unparalleled offerings from Wright at Green Industries. 

Known far and wide for their best-in-class stand-on mowers, Wright seamlessly combines comfort, durability, and efficiency, making their mowers the go-to choice in the market, renowned for their unmatched cutting precision and unwavering reliability.

At the heart of Wright’s philosophy lies a commitment to providing robust, heavy-duty mowers tailored for serious landscapers. Constructed with welded steel frames and decks, and reinforced with cast-iron spindles, Wright mowers ensure enduring performance.

Since 2017, Green Industries proudly stands as a premier Wright dealer. Hailing from our local store in Annapolis, Maryland, we offer an extensive array of top-quality landscaping equipment, including the acclaimed Wright Stander mowers. Stop by today to witness firsthand our dedication to excellence in landscaping solutions.

Why Use A Stand-On Mower?

Stand-on mowers are zero-turn mowers with distinct benefits. Compared to traditional riding lawn mowers, Stander models offer enhanced


Thanks to a more compact form factor and zero-turn capabilities, stand-on mowers can turn on a dime, making them ideal for navigating around obstacles and mowing in tight spaces. This is especially beneficial for yards with landscaping features like flower beds, trees, and shrubs.


Cover more space in less time with the powerful engines of a stand-on mower combined with wide cutting decks that help eliminate the need for wide turns at the end of a row.

Improved Visibility

Standing on a platform provides a superior view of the mowing deck and surrounding area compared to sitting in a traditional mower. This enhanced visibility helps prevent accidents and ensures a more even cut.

Ergonomic Advantages

Standing while mowing can be more comfortable than sitting for long periods, especially if operators experience back pain. Their lack of seats and armrests allow for quicker mounting and dismounting, which can be helpful for frequent stops or debris collection.


Stander B

Deck Size: 32 in., 36 in, 48 in., 52 in. 

The all-new Stander B delivers the performance that Wright Standers are renowned for, packed into a much higher value package! Tailored with the entry-level landscaper or part-time professional in mind, the Stander B is compact, maneuverable, user-friendly, and low maintenance.

Stander I

Deck Size: 36 in., 52 in.

Crafted for maximum productivity within a lightweight and compact footprint, the Stander I boasts a plethora of features and robust power. With its agile design and well-balanced weight distribution, the Intensity delivers high performance season after season, making it ideal for small to medium-sized properties.

Stander X

Deck Sizes: 48 in, 52 in.

Forged by decades of continuous development, the Stander X Gen2 represents the pinnacle of Stand-on technology. Every aspect has been meticulously refined to provide the operator with a superior mowing experience. Progressive platform suspension ensures all-day comfort, while ball-bearing controls offer tactile feedback, and the robust electrical system ensures maximum uptime. These elements converge to create a cohesive high-performance mower. Look no further than the Stander X for a mid-size commercial-grade workhorse.

Stander LG

Deck Size: 52 in., 61 in.

The Stander LG is part of Wright’s new generation of fully optimized Standers. Inspired by their original large-frame fixed deck Stander, known for its ruggedness, it stands out for its profound simplicity and solidity, offering the optimal combination of performance, versatility, compact footprint, and low operating cost. Perfect for fleet operations.

Stander ZK

Deck Size: 52 in., 61in.,72 in. 

The Wright Stander ZK is a large frame, commercial-grade stand-up zero-turn mower designed for professional landscapers and homeowners with large properties. The combination of powerful engines, wide cutting decks, and efficient transmissions allows the Wright Stander ZK to mow large areas quickly and efficiently. But that power also comes with maneuverability thanks to its zero-turn capability made for sharp turns and easy navigation around obstacles.

Our Equipment Repair & Maintenance Offerings 

At Green Industries, we’re more than just a place to buy equipment – we’re your partner for all outdoor equipment needs, offering comprehensive repair and maintenance services. Our team of industry experts understands the significance of reliable outdoor equipment for both commercial and residential users.

As a top dealer of Wright stand-on mowers, we’re dedicated to keeping your equipment running smoothly. Whether it’s routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, we’re here to minimize downtime and ensure your new stand-on mowers perform at their peak.

Experience our unparalleled service for yourself – reach out to Green Industries, the #1 trusted Wright dealer in and around Annapolis, MD, today.

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