New Greenworks Mowers

There’s a revolution coming for lawn care professionals in the Greater Annapolis, MD. From handheld equipment to zero turn riding mowers, more professionals are considering electric equipment.

Ready to Go Electric?

At Green Industries, we’ve partners with Greenworks to provide our customers with professional electric mowers in Annapolis. As more municipalities, communities, businesses, and homeowners look for options beyond 2-stroke handheld equipment and combustion engines, Greenworks provides a competitive edge for you.

For more than 20 years, Greenworks has designed and manufactured electric lawn equipment. With a full range of gasless mowers, trimmers, and blowers, their innovative options help professionals go electric without sacrificing performance and profitability. 

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New Greenworks Equipment

Our showroom is stocked with a full range of Greenworks equipment manufactured to tackle even your toughest lawn care needs. 

Optimus Z

Powered by an 82 volt lithium battery, Greenworks is designed for commercial applications. With the equivalent power of a 65HP gas engine, you will never need to worry about a lack of power. 

Instead of reverse engineering combustion engine zero turn riders and handheld equipment, Greenworks is designed from the ground up to be electric. The OptimusZ features a built-in battery capable of mowing up to 21 acres on a single charge and boasting a run time of up to 8 full hours. 

No refueling, no belts, exceptional blade tip speed, and backed by a 5 year or 2,000 hour warranty, Greenworks OptimusZ Stand-On and ZTR models are extremely impressive.  

Walk Power Mowers

For a smaller footprint, Greenworks has 30” Self-Propel Lawn Mower options and other trim mower options powered by one standard 82V battery pack. 


Handheld blowers powered by the 82V battery make quick work of cleanup from common areas. For larger tasks, dual-port backpack blowers provide the power and performance while complying with noise ordinances and 2-stoke bans.

Handheld Equipment

Green Industries offers a wide selection of additional battery handheld equipment from Greenworks. When you are ready to turnover your entire fleet to electric, we have you covered with handheld options as well as:

  • Snow Blowers
  • Work Lights

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Are you ready to upgrade your lawn care equipment to a more sustainable model? Look no further than the Greenworks line of electric equipment sold by our friendly team at Green Industries. We provide both new and used equipment options to fit every type of job and budget. Our reliability and personalized shopping experience are why we’ve been the top choice for lawn care professionals in Annapolis.

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When it comes to purchasing outdoor power equipment, many commercial landscapers wait until equipment is already failing. Green Industries offers an array of quality used products and works with you to provide the highest value for your existing equipment.