New Scag Power Equipment

Landscape contractors and homeowners in the Greater Annapolis, Maryland area need efficient landscaping equipment that lasts. At Green Industries, our vast inventory includes a wide selection of Scag products to help you reach your landscaping goals.

A specialist in power equipment and commercial lawn care products, Scag is a highly-recognized, industry-leading brand. Our inventory includes new and used Scag equipment you can count on for your toughest commercial landscaping products.

Since 2019, Green Industries has offered the top brands, models, and types of equipment on the market to landscapers and homeowners across Annapolis. Contact us today to browse our entire scope of Scag products.

New Scag Equipment

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial power equipment, look no further than the best-in-class equipment manufactured by Scag. At Green Industries, we offer Scag mowers, spreaders, and sprayers that are built to handle even the toughest landscaping jobs.

Our new Scag inventory includes:

Zero-Turn Riders

Scag’s zero-turn riding mowers expertly balance your comfort with durability and efficiency. These riding mowers are the most popular models on the market for their unmatched cut quality and reliability.

Our full range of zero-turn riding mowers manufactured by Scag include:

Turf Tiger II

With three cutting-width settings and a legendary Velocity Plus deck design, the Turf Tiger II is tougher than any other Scag ZTR.

Cheetah II

With 61” or 72” cutting decks, the Cheetah II is named for its agile design that offers a quick solution to any landscaping job.

Tiger Cat II

Three different cutting decks and a robust engine give the Tiger Cat II a swift movement coupled with a compact carbon footprint.


The Patriot is designed to be low maintenance without sacrificing performance or widths with a 52” or 61” option.

Freedom Z

If you have a large-acreage property, the Freedom Z’s 48” or 52” cutting deck is perfect for you.

Liberty Z

With 5 different cutting deck options, the Liberty Z is one of the most versatile options in Scag’s fleet that won’t break the bank.

Mid Size Walk Behinds

For tighter areas or highly-detailed spots, Scag offers an array of mid-size walk behind powers that combine impressive power with a compact design for optimal efficiency. Built with heavy-duty materials and various cutter decks, these mowers were built to deliver high-quality cuts for a long period of time.

Green Industries offers the following mid-size walker behind mowers from Scag:

SWZ Hydro-Drive

Available in 36″, 48″, 52″, or 61″ cutting widths. The finest cutting decks are coupled with the nimble response of innovative hydraulic systems for maximum power.

SW Belt Drive

Available in 32″, 36″, 48″, or 52″ cutting width. More affordable than hydraulic-driven models, SW Belt Drives are simple to maintain and still boast a quality cut.

SWZT Hydro-Drive

Available in 36”, 48”, 52”, and 61” cutting decks. The SWZT offers ergonomic controls, making it one of the most comfortable, easy-to-use walk behind models.


Available in 30” cut decks. These powerhouse models are built to handle the stress of trailers and multiple properties and have an extended lifespan.

Finish cut 30 IN SFC models are built to handle the stress of trailers, multiple properties, and extended use.

Stand Ons

Mowing jobs can last several hours. Without a comfortable, functional mower, you could experience fatigue and discomfort, especially when you use a stand on mower. Scag’s V Ride II prioritizes user comfort so you can focus on getting a quality cut.

The commitment to comfort starts with a first-class suspension for a smooth ride. With intense power and 32”, 36”, 48”, 52”, and 61” decks, the V Ride II also offers users peace of mind that their cut will be consistent throughout the job.

Spreader and Sprayers

Scag’s Turf Storm sprayer is all about coverage to enhance your turf maintenance. With 30-gallon liquid tanks and a 25-foot spray radius, Turf Storm is more efficient than almost any other model on the market. You can stay outside longer between refills, making your job easier and faster.

Contact Green Industries for more information on all the new Scag products we currently offer.

Used Scag Equipment

At Green Industries, we provide our customers with used Scag products that won’t break their budget without sacrificing performance.

Our used Scag inventory includes:

Zero Turn Riding Mowers

We offer our full line of new Scag ZTRs in used models:

  • Liberty Z
  • Freedom Z
  • Patriot
  • Tiger Cat II
  • Cheetah II
  • Turf Tiger II

Stand on Mowers

Reliable, comfortable, and durable, the Scag V-Ride II is also available in our used inventory to help you cover more ground in less time.

Spreaders and Sprayers

Large properties and residential lawns meet their match in the Turf Storm by Scag. Our used models provide maximum coverage with both liquid and dry capacities.

Walk Behind Mowers

At Green Industries we offer the following mid-size walk behind mowers manufactured by Scag in our used inventory:

  • SWZ Hydro-Drive
  • SW Belt Drive
  • SWZT Hydro-Drive
  • SFC

Call Green Industries for all of your used equipment needs in Annapolis, MD.

Our Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

Once you have your hands on top-of-the-line landscaping equipment, it’s important to conduct proper care and maintenance to extend the life and efficiency of your machine. Green Industries provides all our customers with maintenance and repair services on all Scag products.

Our typical lawnmower maintenance package includes regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of every aspect of your equipment from the blades to the filters. Inspections and tune-ups are most important during the spring as you prepare for heavier cutting jobs in the upcoming summer season.

We’re committed to the long-lasting success of your Scag equipment. Choose Green Industries for all of your maintenance and repair needs.

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