Scag Zero Turn Mowers

No matter how big or small your lawn care job might be, Scag is the company to turn to when you want durable and reliable mowers. Renowned for their best-in-class zero-turn riding mowers, Scag seamlessly blends comfort, durability, and efficiency. These mowers stand out as the go-to choice in the market, revered for their cutting precision, robust build quality, and extreme reliability.

At the core of Scag’s philosophy lies a commitment to delivering robust, heavy-duty zero-turn mowers tailored for serious landscape professionals. Crafted with welded steel frames and decks, and fortified with cast-iron spindles, Scag mowers ensure long-term performance. 

Equipped with powerful engines from industry-leading manufacturers, Scag mowers epitomize power and reliability in all turf conditions.

Green Industries proudly serves as a premier Scag dealer in Annapolis, Maryland. We offer an extensive array of top-quality landscaping equipment, including the acclaimed Scag Zero Turn Riding Mowers. 

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When it comes to durability, productivity, and comfort, the Scag Turf Tiger II stands as a reliable companion for professionals tackling tough mowing tasks. Whether you’re dealing with expansive acreage or demanding professional landscaping projects, this premium zero-turn mower is up to the challenge.

Turf Tiger II boasts a comfortable and convenient operator station. From its torsion-spring suspension seat to its adjustable steering levers and deck-lift pedal, every detail contributes to a pleasant mowing experience. Plus, with a generous 12-gallon fuel tank, you’ll spend more time mowing and less time refueling. Available in 52″, 61″, or 72″ cutting decks, the Turf Tiger II makes adapting to various mowing conditions a breeze.


Speed, agility, and power define the Scag Cheetah II, catering to users who prioritize quick and efficient landscaping. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a property owner with extensive grounds, the Cheetah II is perfect for getting the job done without making it a chore.

At the heart of the Cheetah II lies its potent motor and hydraulic drive system with ground speeds of 16 MPH. Scag built the Cheetah II as one of the fastest zero-turn mowers in the market. 

This makes big jobs a cinch as you can cover more ground faster.  Despite its impressive speed, maneuverability remains a priority. Scag’s design facilitates tight turns and navigates obstacles effortlessly. Even if you’re in a tight space the Cheetah II can keep you moving. 


Balancing durability, maneuverability, and affordability, the Scag Tiger Cat II is  a versatile option for professionals who need a flexible mower for a wide array of jobs.

Positioned between Scag’s larger professional-grade mowers and smaller models, the Tiger Cat II offers the best of both worlds. With deck sizes ranging from 48″ to 61″ and robust engines, it delivers professional-grade performance at a more accessible price point.  It’s an ideal choice for properties and landscapers who need something that will stand up to heavy use and unforeseen obstacles. 


Built for tough jobs and demanding users, the Scag Patriot represents premium quality in the world of zero-turn mowers. Landscape contractors looking for a smaller footprint and reduced weight, can rely on Scag’s engineering. 

The cutting deck delivers superior cut quality and LED headlights allow for low-light mowing. The Patriot ensures exceptional performance and outstanding efficiency across turf.


Versatility meets reliability in the Scag Freedom Z, catering to both homeowners and professionals seeking a dependable and comfortable mowing experience. With a range of powerful engines and deck sizes of 48″ or 52″, the Freedom Z handles various mowing tasks with ease.

Boasting a heavy-duty frame and highly maneuverable transaxles, the Freedom Z is a favorite when gates, landscaping fixtures, or trailer size restrict deck size. Its adjustable suspension seat, padded armrests, and intuitive control system ensure a comfortable ride for prolonged periods of use.


The smallest of Scag’s product line, the Liberty Z offers reliability, ease of use, and affordability. Featuring smooth handling, a comfortable operator station, and durable construction, it’s an ideal choice for first-time zero-turn buyers, budget-conscious individuals, and those with limited space.

Despite its affordability, the Liberty Z doesn’t compromise on reliability, retaining Scag’s trademark robustness and maneuverability. With user-friendly features like lap bar control and a standard cup holder, mowing your lawn becomes a hassle-free experience.

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As a top dealer of Scag zero-turn riding mowers, we’re committed to keeping your equipment running smoothly. Whether it’s routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, we’re here to minimize downtime and ensure your new  Scag ZTRs perform at their best.

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