Scag Turf Tiger II Commercial Mowers

Known for its power, toughness, and durability, the Turf Tiger II from Scag can handle any job you need it to. Whether you’re tackling acres of rough terrain or precision-cutting manicured lawns, the Scag Turf Tiger II delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Equipment From a Leader in Zero Turn Technology

Scag is among the most reputable and trusted names in zero turn mowing technology due to their innovation and dedication to delivering top-notch equipment that exceeds expectations. With a legacy of engineering excellence, Scag continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge features and unmatched durability in their equipment.

The Turf Tiger II is certainly no exception to Scag’s impressive catalog of zero turn mowers. The machine is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, productivity, and longevity, and can tackle the toughest mowing tasks with ease, making it the go-to choice for professionals who demand the best in zero turn technology.

The Turf Tiger II: Unmatched Power and Precision

Ultra-Strong Steel Main Frame

The Turf Tiger II’s double-tube steel main frame provides the machinery with a long lifespan and exceptional structural integrity. This robust construction not only withstands heavy use and challenging environments but also contributes to the mower’s overall stability and performance. The machinery is engineered to handle rigorous mowing tasks year after year, making the Turf Tiger II a reliable and durable choice for professional landscapers and contractors.

Heavy-Duty Hydrodrive System 

Equipped with a heavy-duty hydrodrive system, the Turf Tiger II delivers powerful and smooth operation. This system allows for precise control over speed and direction, enhancing productivity and maneuverability on diverse terrains.

Responsive Handling

Operators require responsive handling to achieve precise and efficient results. The Turf Tiger II is designed with responsive handling in mind, making it easy to navigate around obstacles and corners with precision. Its agile nature reduces operator fatigue and improves overall efficiency during long hours of use.

Comfortable Operator Station

Long days in the field can take their toll on operator comfort and safety. Thankfully, Scag took this into consideration with the Turf Tiger II, as it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and convenience. From adjustable seating to intuitive controls, every aspect is crafted to enhance operator comfort and productivity.

Advanced Monitoring System

With an advanced monitoring system, operators can monitor systems in real-time, such as hour meters, volt meters, control level circuits, and more. This monitoring system ensures optimal performance and minimizes downtime for maintenance checks.

Scag Turf Tiger II Features

Scag’s cutter decks, the Velocity Plus™, are well-known throughout the industry for their superior cutting performance and durability. Designed to deliver pristine, professional-quality cuts on every job, the Velocity Plus™ cutter decks on the Scag Turf Tiger II ensure exceptional results with every pass. Whether tackling thick grass or fine turf, this innovative design maintains consistent blade speed and airflow, resulting in a manicured finish that stands out.

Available cutting decks include:

  • 52” Scag Turf Tiger II
  • 61” Scag Turf Tiger II
  • 72” Scag Turf Tiger II

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