Used Zero Turn Riding Mowers

A zero turn riding mower (ZTR) is a powerful tool for any professional landscaper. Built with the comfort of the user in mind, these machines are perfect for large-scale jobs. At Green Industries, we offer top-of-the-line ZTRs that won’t break the bank in our used equipment inventory.

Green Industries

Our company was founded on the belief that quality equipment should be affordable, and that used equipment can be just as efficient as new products. Our highly skilled service technicians refurbish all of the major brands and manufacturers so you have access to the finest selection of used ZTRs in the Annapolis, MD, region.

Our full scope of used ZTRs includes:

Used Toro Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Toro is a brand known around the globe for innovative, high-powered riding mowers perfect for large acreage projects or a bustling lawn care business. When it comes to used ZTRs, Toro’s equipment stands strong against the test of time, making it a perfect choice for any professional searching for high-quality ZTRs on a budget.

We’re proud to sell Toro’s full range of Z Master Riding Mowers in our used inventory. The comfortable, responsive design combines with a high-precision cut deck to make these some of the highest-performance used ZTRs available.

Used Scag Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Known for their dedication to durability and longevity, Scag is another brand whose ZTRs are a prime choice for used equipment shoppers. A popular brand across Annapolis, Scag’s equipment leads the industry in speed and efficiency.

Our full line of used Scag ZTR models includes:


  • Liberty Z
  • Freedom Z
  • Patriot
  • Tiger Cat II
  • Cheetah II
  • Turf Tiger II

Used Wright Zero Turn Riding Mowers

When lawn care professionals hear the name Wright – they think of reliability. That’s why Green Industries proudly offers Wright riding mowers as a part of our used equipment selection. Built to last, these ZTRs only require a simple reconditioning from our talented service technicians before they’re tested for quality assurance and placed in your hands for a fraction of the cost of a new model.

Our used Wright inventory includes:

  • Wright ZXT
  • Wright ZXL
  • Wright ZTO

Why Choose Green Industries for Used Equipment?

Buying a used riding mower from Green Industries is not like picking up used equipment from an independent online vendor or off the side of the road. These shopping methods can be time-consuming and result in a low return on investment due to faulty or irreparable equipment.

At Green Industries, we do the heavy lifting for you – scouring every corner of Annapolis for quality equipment from reputable sellers so that you can save money without sacrificing efficiency. At our core, our team is a group of equipment specialists who love getting their hands dirty.

Our service technicians in our parts and service department inspect, recondition, and test every piece of used equipment that comes through our doors to ensure that only the most reliable products are sold in our used inventory.

While we carry a variety of major brands, including Bad Boy and Greenworks, our used inventory is constantly changing due to high demand. Talk to one of our service experts to find out more about our current inventory or to learn about our used equipment buying and trading options.

Personalized Finance Plans

Even when buying used equipment, the expense can push the limits of your budget. Don’t hinder your business or lawn care operation by pushing off crucial equipment purchases. Take advantage of Green Industries’ flexible financing options today!

We work with the following financial partners to provide qualified customers with flexible payment plans:

  • Synchrony
  • Toro
  • Sheffield Financing
  • Yard Card

Call Green Industries to learn more about our financing plans today!

Premium Products with Superior Performance

At Green Industries, we’re committed to your success. From one group of local experts to another, we understand the importance of lasting partnerships. That’s why we don’t treat your used equipment purchase as a one-time deal but as the start of a long-term business relationship. Whether you purchase new or used equipment from our high-quality inventory, we will help you maintain, repair, and even replace that equipment whenever a need arises.

Contact Green Industries to purchase your next piece of used landscaping equipment today.