Used Commercial Mowers

If your fleet of commercial landscaping equipment feels like it’s missing a key component, shop Green Industries’ vast selection to find a machine that meets your unique lawn care needs. When you work with our experts to improve your operation’s productivity and efficiency, you’ll have access to our full range of used equipment.

Our used inventory is guaranteed to be the same high-quality brands and products as our new equipment at a lower price point. In Annapolis, we specialize in a wide variety of used products, from lawnmowers to turf equipment, so every lawn care professional can get the reliable equipment they need — fast.

Shop Green Industries’ full inventory of used equipment today, including:

Used Riding Mowers​

A riding mower is a crucial piece of equipment for any commercial fleet. Our current used inventory includes reconditioned zero turn riding mowers (ZTRs) with 48, 54, 60, and 72-inch cutting decks so you can always find the exact equipment needed for your unique landscaping projects.

Our used ZTRs include:

Toro ZTRs: The TimeCutter ZTR, TimeCutter Havoc Edition, and Titan ZTR MyRide, are top-of-the-line ZTRs with unmatched power. Our used models pack the same powerful punch as a brand-new machine thanks to Toro’s commitment to durability and our expert service team.

Scag ZTRs: Our used inventory includes Scag’s full line of high-quality ZTRs from the Liberty Z, Freedom Z, and Patriot to the Tiger Cat II, Cheetah II, and Turf Tiger II.

Wright ZTRs: Built for entry-level and heavy-duty use alike, Wright’s ZXT, ZXL, and ZTO models in our used inventory have all been reconditioned and tested by our skilled technicians for optimal performance.

Used Mid Size Walk Behind Mowers

For smaller lawns or quick jobs, many lawn care professionals turn to traditional mid-size walk behind mowers. Our used walk-behind mowers manufactured by Scag are ideal for all types of mowing jobs in Annapolis, MD.

Our used Scag models include:

  • SWZ Hydro-Drive
  • SW Belt Drive
  • SWZT Hydro-Drive
  • SFC

Used Toro mid-size walk-behind models are refurbished and prepped by our technician. All of our used equipment for sale is ready to perform. 

Used Stand On Mowers

Stand on mowers offer versatility and improved control for large-scope jobs. Our used stand on inventory includes well-conditioned, reliable equipment made by the following brands:

  • Toro: Toro’s GrandStand stand on mowers each come with innovative Turbo Force cutting decks at 36”, 48”, 54”, and 60”, for more efficiency than ever before.
  • Wright: Find maximum comfort with Wright’s STANDER B, STANDER I, STANDER X, STANDER ZK, AND ROBO ZK stand on mowers.
  • Scag: The V-Ride II is the most advanced stand on mower available in our used inventory.

Used Turf Equipment

Caring for turf presents a unique challenge compared to grass lawn care. So you need equipment that can handle the specialized needs of the turf. At Green Industries, we stock several pieces of turf equipment in our used inventory to ensure you get the best machinery for the best price.

Our used turf products include:

  • Aerators
  • Slice Seeders
  • Truck Loaders

Other Used Equipment

Green Industries prioritizes our customers’ needs above all else. That’s why we carefully curate a selection of used equipment that can meet the full scope of our professional lawn care clients’ needs. Our full range of used inventory includes a range of brands and other types of equpment.

From Greenworks to Exmark, and Spartan to Kubota, we carry the top manufacturers of  turf and mowing equipment in our used inventory. To keep up with our customers’ demand, our used equipment is constantly rotating.

Contact Green Industries today for the most up-to-date information on our current used equipment offerings.

Choose Green Industries for Your Used Equipment Needs in Annapolis, MD

You need powerful equipment for an affordable price, and you need it now. At Green Industries, we’re proud to make the used equipment purchasing process faster, more affordable, and more trustworthy than ever before. 

Our company was founded on the idea that used equipment can be just as useful and reliable as brand-new products, so that every lawn care professional has the same opportunity and access to the highest quality equipment on the market.

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