Used Equipment

When the time comes to purchase landscaping and lawn care equipment, your options aren’t limited to brand-new equipment. Buying used mowers and other outdoor power equipment can provide you with the high-quality product you need at a lower overall price point. Green Industries is proud to provide Annapolis area businesses and homeowners with access to reliable used landscaping equipment. 

Used Landscaping Equipment from the Top Manufacturers

Green Industries acquires fleets of high quality used equipment from leading manufacturers. Our team has built relationships with landscape contract companies across the nation so our process ensures our used equipment has been well cared for. 

Every lawnmower and piece of equipment in our used inventory is fully inspected, maintained and prepared for ongoing performance. 

Our partnerships include a wide range of brands, models and types industry-leading manufacturers. A number of these brands are available both new and used including: 


Toro is known around the world as an industry-leading manufacturer of both residential and commercial landscaping equipment. From golf courses and sports fields to construction sites and beyond, it’s common to find a piece of Toro equipment on nearly all grounds and job sites.

Green Industries provides used Toro zero turn mowers, commercial mid-size walk behinds, stand-on mowers and more. Whether you are in need of a high acreage used mower for home use or you need a rugged used Z Master for your business, Green Industries has you covered.

We work with partners across the nation to find the highest quality used commercial mowers for your needs in the Annapolis area. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our current used Toro equipment inventory including:

Stand On Mowers

Used GrandStand mowers are available in a range of Turbo Force cutting decks including 36”, 48”, 54” and 60”.

Commercial Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers

Whether you are looking for a belt drive walk behind or used hydraulic walk behind, Toro equipment is durable and proven to last

Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Used Z Master Riding Mowers offer a responsive and comfortable mowing experience. Used Toro ZTRs feature one of the highest cut quality decks in the industry. 

GrandStand Mowers

Toro’s GrandStand mowers combine the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the maneuverability and small footprint of a mid-size walk-behind mower. Available is a wide range of engine combinations and cutting deck sizes including 36”, 42”, 48”, 52” or 60”, there is a GrandStand mower for every type of job. 

  • GrandStand Gas Stand-On Mowers – The latest generation includes upgrades to enhance productivity and reduce maintenance of your equipment. 
  • GrandStand HDX – The HDX models provide increased efficiency with higher horsepower.
  • GrandStand Revolution – Introduces Hypercell Electric GrandStand to herald a new era in lawn care.

Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers

Toro offers a wide range of walk behind mowers including 21”, 30” and conventional mid-size walk behinds. Mid-Size Walk Behind Mowers are exceptionally durable on the turf and in the trailer. While residential equipment falls apart under heavy use, Toro designs their commercial walk-behinds to last for many seasons.

  • 21” HD Mowers – Professional engines, reinforced frames and commercial transmissions ensure you won’t need to replace trim mowers constantly. 
  • 30” TurfMaster HDX – Twin blade cutting decks, powerful commercial engines and rugged wheels make a strong impression on your clients and reduce fatigue on personnel compared to smaller cutting decks or belt driven mid-size walk behinds.
  • Mid-Size Pro-Line Mowers – Maximum efficiency with incredible maneuverability, floating deck mowers are a cut above competitors with 36”, 48”, 54” and 60” cutting decks.
  • Pro-Line HDX – 36”, 48”, 54” and 60” cutting decks powered by stronger powertrains increase performance. You will love the convenience of the 2-wheel sulky.

Turf Renovation Equipment

Caring for your properties is easier with Toro’s full range of turf renovation equipment. This includes aerators, spreader sprayers, brush cutters, seeders and power rakes. Contact Green Industries about the best equipment within our inventory for your turf care.


A highly recognized brand across the country, Scag provides power equipment and commercial lawn care products that are second to none. Our inventory is always changing so you can contact us about the best options in our current inventory as well as inbound options. Turn to Green Industries to find the following used equipment from Scag:

Zero Turn Riders

Used Scag ZTRs include the full line including the Liberty Z, Freedom Z, Patriot, Tiger Cat II, Cheetah II, and Turf Tiger II. 

Stand On Mowers

The most advanced stand on mower from Scag, the V-Ride II, can help you cover large areas more efficiently than ever before. Used Scag V-Ride mowers are well conditioned for reliable performance.

Walk Behind Mowers

Used mid-size walk behind mowers are great choices for smaller areas or jobs. The SWZ Hydro-Drive, SW Belt Drive, SWZT Hydro-Drive, and SFC are great choices for your mowing needs in Annapolis, MD.

Spreaders and Sprayers

The Turf Storm from Scag is a great choice to treat large properties or residential lawns. It features both liquid and dry capacities to provide maximum coverage and benefits.


Used Wright mowers are specifically designed with the landscaper’s needs in mind. The innovative solutions from the team at Wright helps landscapers improve their efficiency and productivity while delivering exceptional results. There are a number of innovative products from Wright including used stand on mowers for sale at Green Industries. Popular models and ypes of used equipment from Wright including:

Stand On Mowers

STANDER B, STANDER I, STANDER X, STANDER ZK, and ROBO ZK stand on mowers provide maximum comfort and productivity for commercial and industrial lawn mowing environments.

Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or heavy-duty zero turn mower, the ZXT, ZXL, and ZTO provide solutions for all groundskeepers, no matter the area they need to cover. Used Wright ZTRs are reconditioned and tested by our talented service technicians to ensure many additional hours of service life for you.


Greenworks offers top-of-the-line mowers, trimmers, edgers, snow blowers, pressure washers, and other lawn and garden equipment. Their high-quality and efficient tools are designed to make yard and grounds work easier and more efficient than before. Contact Green Industries today to find the right equipment from Greenworks for your needs.

Other Brands

Green Industries has a broad range of partners that includes many other brands. Our highly skilled service technicians are well versed in all aspects of outdoor power equipment. Our experience working on new and used equipment means refurbishing all of the major brands throughout the region helps our used equipment buyers save money and enjoy the confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship. 

Many large landscape companies prefer to cycle out equipment based on time or hours. As our customers and service technicians can attest, buying used lawn mowers saves money without sacrificing quality. Our process of buying high quality used equipment and optimizing operations provides peace of mind. Back by our high quality parts and service department, you can buy with confidence knowing Green Industries is ready to keep your equipment running regardless of the brand or name plate. We buy, trade and sell used equipment from all major brands including:


The team at Exmark offers a wide range of commercial mowers, including zero turn, stand on, and walk behind mowers. Backed by smooth controls and high-quality materials, the tried and true mowing systems from Exmark are built to withstand tough conditions and provide reliable cuts every time. Some of the biggest landscape companies purchase fleets of Exmark mowers. Green Industries refurbishes the best Exmark models and sells used Exmark models at an exceptional value. 


Spartan Mowers has quickly built a reputation for powerful and reliable equipment. When Green Industries acquires used Spartan zero turns, you will be impressed by the comfort and functionality of these machines.


Whether on a farm or construction site, Kubota is a trusted name amongst industry professionals because of their dedication to innovation and product quality. Their product line includes heavy-duty tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, and hay and farm implements. Reach out to Green Industries to learn more about our used inventory including used Kubota equipment.

John Deere

The most well-known brand in the industry, John Deere is a staple of the lawn maintenance and groundskeeping industry. Their wide range of products can tackle any needs your lawn or property may have, from lawnmowers and trimmers to tractors and utility vehicles. Equipment from John Deere is built with sustainability and innovation in mind, helping customers get the job done while limiting their carbon footprint. Buying a used John Deere mower helps you get the dependable equipment you need without paying the dealer price tag. 


Landscapers experience countless hours of mowing each year, which is why equipment from Gravely is built with a combination of comfort and toughness. Used Gravely products boast powerful engines, heavy-duty frames, and intuitive controls that help landscapers tackle even the toughest jobs with ease. Equipment from Gravely is built using the highest quality materials, helping these systems withstand the test of time.


At the forefront of innovation, Husqvarna utilizes the latest technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of outdoor power tools and equipment. Their lineup of zero turn, riding, walk behind, stand on, and even robotic mowers emphasize comfort and productivity, providing a smooth and efficient lawn care experience. Used Husqvarna zero turns in Annapolis help fill out your fleet without overpaying for new equipment.


Hustler Turf Equipment include Super Z, FasTrak, Raptor SD and other famous model names. Used Hustler zero turns provide power and a smooth ride. 

Big Dog

Big Dog offers zero turn mowers for both commercial and residential use. With features including foot-operated deck lifts, premium seats, and tires with enhanced traction, Big Dog manufactures zero turn mowers that offer an excellent experience every time. Used Big Dog mowers offer exceptional performance and high-quality cuts, helping you get the job done right.

Bad Boy

Manufacturing rugged yet easy-to-use machinery, Bad Boy produces commercial and residential zero turn mowers. Bad Boy manufactures equipment in the USA using durable and high-quality materials that are designed to handle tough conditions. Used Bad Boy mowers come in a wide range of models with varying deck sizes, engine options, and cutting heights.

Types of Used Equipment Offered by Green Industries

No matter the product that is missing from your fleet, Green Industries can provide you with the used lawn care equipment you need to maximize your company’s productivity and efficiency. When you buy used, you’re guaranteed to receive a high-quality product at a much lower price than you’d pay for new equipment. Not only that, but Green Industries can provide you with ongoing support to address any questions or concerns you may have about your used equipment. We’re proud to provide a wide range of used equipment throughout Annapolis, MD including:

  • Zero Turn Riding Mowers
  • Mid Size Walk Behind Mowers
  • Stand On Mowers
  • Handheld Equipment
  • Trailers
  • Turf Equipment

Choose Green Industries for Your Used Equipment Needs in Annapolis, MD

We’re providing Annapolis lawn care professionals, business owners and homeowners with the equipment you need, when you need it. Buying used lawn mowers online has never been easier. From mowers and tractors to aerators and more, we’re happy to offer our customers a large inventory of new and used products. To learn more about buying used equipment or the specific products available in our used equipment inventory, contact our team today.